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When we returned after Covid, in September 2021, we relocated to Wythall Village Hall.

A bigger room, for more people!

Jimmy's portrait of Dinesh.

Al Rudge doing some DIY.

The return of Eric Rushton.

All of our main shows since September 2021 have been at Wythall Village Hall and we have no plans to leave.

Tickets are available for future shows by clicking on the links on the home page.

If you'd like to go out on a Friday night to see some of the best comedy acts in the Midlands while getting great value for money, please come and join us. It would be great to see you.


The resident third act.

Watching from the side door.

Jimmy Ennis's regular January spot.

The Devil and the Sloth.

There would be no Hollywood without James Cook.

The amazing Tom Little!

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