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If you have enjoyed the acts who have performed at Hollywood, you might be interested to know about the following things that are available.

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Have you ever wondered how jokes work? This book takes apart more than 150 of them, to help you write jokes of your own. And if you don’t want to do that, you can just enjoy the jokes. And if you don’t enjoy the jokes, give this book as a present to someone you don’t like.

“One of the best joke writers on the circuit. Intelligent and hilarious gags throughout.” Eric Rushton (Channel 4 Sean Lock Comedy Award winner)

“Mat Taylor does a great job of demystifying the craft of comedy, and as a result he has produced a lean, no-nonsense guide to the nuts and bolts of writing jokes.”
Andy White (Venerable Midlands comedy legend)


Click on this link to find this book on Amazon.


Do you have any friends who are maths teachers? Or do you know anyone who just really likes maths? If not, do you know anyone who has heard of maths?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you may be interested to know that Mat has written a book of new mathematical words (plus some unusual real ones) that would make a great present for any of the people you were thinking of when you answered yes to one of the original three questions.

It's on Amazon, because everything is, and you can find it by clicking the link below. You can also buy them at our shows.

Click on this link to find this book on Amazon.


In this book, James Cook (Hollywood headliner back in March 2022) takes a hilarious look at the board games that we've loved, hated and thrown across the room in a fit of rage.

James explores which 'classic' games are not worth the time and emotional torment and which games you should be playing instead, as well as giving you advice on how to make your dinner parties more tolerable and how to pimp your Scrabble. 

If you didn't manage to pick up a copy of this when James did our show, they are also available to buy from amazon.

Click on this link to find this book on Amazon.

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Also available (from good friends of Hollywood Comedy Club ) is "Fox Under The Moon", a fantastic book from Stacey McNeill that is very much about mental health and well-being, encouraging positivity and self-love.


The book can be bought straight from the author direct by clicking on the book image. This will open up Stacey's website in a new window.

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