Hollywood Comedy Club is a comedy night that takes place several times a year in the small town of Hollywood, just south of Birmingham, in England, much to the confusion of certain people from Hollywood, California, who enquire about the night.

Once upon a time, two people from Hollywood, just south of Birmingham, in England,  put together a small group of people, three of whom were named Taylor, although they were not related, with the aim of becoming some of the greatest and most famous entertainers the world has ever known. They succeeded. They are Duran Duran.

Many years later, two other people from Hollywood, just south of Birmingham, not related but with the surname Taylor decided to start a comedy night in their home town, with the aim of bringing the best of local comedy to their local community. Sean Taylor (pictured) would be the MC, and Mat Taylor would be one of the acts and would also book all the other acts (basically anything that didn't really involve talking to people, because he's not very good at that). They quickly summoned the help of Dean Taylor (because the three Taylor thing worked so well for Duran Duran), who would be the DJ providing music before, between, and after the acts. Dean Taylor is not related to either Mat or Sean Taylor.

It would be a comedy night with lots of acts doing different styles of comedy - something for everybody - and it would be very reasonably priced and good value, so that nobody would go away disappointed.

The first of these shows took place on Friday 27th April 2018 in the Coppice School Hall and was a great success, so we decided to do another one. This was also a success, so we decided to do another one, and this is how we've continued. In May 2019 we changed the venue for our nights to the Royal British Legion, around the corner from the original venue, and the plan is to keep putting on these nights as long as the local people want them.

If you enjoy watching live comedy, and live in Hollywood or Wythall, why not come to our next comedy night? Tickets can be bought through this website or from the Bean 47 coffee shop at Drake's Cross.

If you have Facebook, please join the Hollywood Comedy Club group, where you will find lots more information about our nights, and photographs of previous nights.